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Florida UUA District Assembly 2015 Photos

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  FL Dist Assy 2015 SamplerThe Florida District was dissolved during its final District Assembly by an overwhelmingly supportive delegate vote. This means that the Florida District, along with the Southeast District, Mid-South District and the Southwestern Conference have dissolved district governance and consolidated into the UUA’s Southern Region, which includes 218 congregations, with approximately 30,000 members in 12 states, Mexico and the Virgin Islands.

Pictures taken at the last Florida District Assembly can be found by clicking THIS LINK.

There are five galleries:

DA All: Includes all pictures taken during the event, in chronological order.

DA Sampler: A sample of the pictures.

DA President: A selection of photos of UUA President Rev. Peter Morales, who attended the event.

DA Sessions: Workshops and Meetings

DA Social: Taken at various social events, as well as informal photos of some attendees.

The photos are by Michael Haddad, John Hartgering and Martha Hartgering.


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