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Fair Districts Florida wins a major victory

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FairDisctricts(This is an OLD map of the Senate Districts-with districts such as #27 snaking from one coast to the other… “Why that looks like a salamander” (or a WORM)! “No it looks like a gerrymander”.)

From Ellen Freidin: “August 1, 2014 Judge Lewis entered an order that lays out a path leading to election of congressional representatives in fair and constitutional districts!

Thanks to all who supported the Fair Districts Amendments.

Judge Lewis’ order demonstrates that he is trying to find a way to have elections this year in constitutionally redrawn districts. He has stated that a citizen’s right to fair representation is paramount and supersedes the hardship of potentially rescheduled elections. This is a tremendous victory for champions of Fair Districts.

Judge Lewis ordered the Legislature to draw a map that complies with the FairDistricts provisions of the Constitution. And he ordered the Secretary of State and the Supervisors of Elections to come up with a viable schedule to ensure that elections on constitutional districts will be held before the end of 2014.”

See the full story at


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