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UU Justice Florida receives 501(c)(3) status!

UUJFIt is with great joy that we announce that Unitarian Universalist Justice Florida has received 501(c)(3) status from the IRS as a public charity. All contributions to UU Justice Florida are now tax deductible. See Our primary work is education on issues of the day and education on the methods of civic engagement. Continue reading


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Fair Districts Florida wins a major victory

FairDisctricts(This is an OLD map of the Senate Districts-with districts such as #27 snaking from one coast to the other… “Why that looks like a salamander” (or a WORM)! “No it looks like a gerrymander”.)

From Ellen Freidin: “August 1, 2014 Judge Lewis entered an order that lays out a path leading to election of congressional representatives in fair and constitutional districts!

Thanks to all who supported the Fair Districts Amendments. Continue reading